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Scrubs Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company that specializes in making your life easier! 

From our online scheduling, easy payments, monthly/bi-monthly and weekly membership options to our incredibly well trained team!

Charlotte Housekeepers, Birmingham Housekeepers, Myrtle Beach Housekeepers

Our Team

At Scrubs Cleaning Services, we take the term professional, very seriously.  We know that it is a privilege to be allowed in a home or on a job.  We know that it can be intimidating and scary having someone that you don't know, enter your space. We take every measure possible, from hiring to training, to ensure that you receive the incredible service that both you, and Scrubs, expect. 

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Our Services

Scrubs Cleaning Services offers an array of professional cleaning services for multiple types of customers.  From residential (home & apartment dwellers), office buildings, parking garages, property management turn (apartment and home), post-construction clean and short-term rentals like AirBnb, VRBO and more!  Our professional services are able to be scheduled online one-time or for ongoing services - it is all up to you - we are here to make this as easy an convenient as possible!  

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Our Locations

All of our cleaning services are offered in Charlotte, Birmingham and Myrtle Beach - as well as most of their surrounding areas!  Aren't sure if you're covered?  Shoot us an email via our contact page and we will get back to you right away!

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